TLC Property Maintenance, Inc. offers arbor care services, including elevation, major and light pruning, and removal services. Our certified arborists provide quality care to protect your valuable property assets. All of our work is performed with the health, safety, and artistic considerations of the tree in mind. TLC offers professional care for all your tree service needs.

Tree elevation is necessary to protect surrounding structures, create space for sidewalks and roadways, as well as to allow the tree to balance. It is important to keep the ground and overhead space clean for our safety and the proper tree growth.

Pruning and Trimming
Pruning and trimming of tree limbs on a regularly scheduled basis will improve tree health, control growth, and enhance fruiting, flowering and the appearance of your trees. The early selective pruning of young trees is extremely important for the development of a strong, well balanced framework.

Tree Removal
Trees that are dead, overcrowded, hazardous, or causing obstructions to property views are usually candidates for removal. Our arborist can help determine if tree removal is necessary. Our training, experience, and specialized equipment enable us to quickly and accurately assess tree health, make the proper decision, and safely remove the necessary. TLC Property Maintenance, Inc. is staffed with insured professionals prepared for tree work.

Additional Services
Aside from our main tree services, TLC can provide view clearing, stump grinding, chipping, fertilization, cabling, moss removal, and lightning protection.