TLC Property Maintenance, Inc. designs, installs, and maintains ground lawn sprinklers & irrigation systems. Every client’s irrigation needs, whether commercial or residential, are unique. Some lawns are large, requiring only the golf course landscape style rotary lawn sprinklers. Others are small, which are better designed with gentle watering mist sprinklers. In addition, many properties have flower gardens or shrubs where even more specialized drip irrigation may be needed. Most client’s require a combination of options. The design experience of the TLC Property Maintenance, Inc. team is unparalleled. TLC is determined to design a sprinkler system that is the best match for your particular lawn and landscaping needs.

Following the effective system design, it is important for our trained technicians to lay out, install, and test your new lawn sprinkler system. TLC Property Maintenance, Inc. uses the most current technology and tools to complete the installation of an attractive and efficient underground lawn sprinkler system. Our team focuses on affecting the least disruption to your lawn as possible during the installation.

Maintenance service after the installation is significant to keeping your lawn sprinklers operating at peak performance.  TLC Property Maintenance, Inc. offers a full service program to maintain sprinkler pumps, motors, clocks, valves, etc. in good working order. All maintenance is in accordance with accepted industry standards for this equipment.